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Tolerance and "28 Days Later"







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From Sandy Tucker:
I was raised during the 1950's . My Dad is black and Mother white, These were times that you never saw anything like this , or at least I never did. We lived in the East coast in an all black area that thankfully was very rural at the time. Everyone around was (family) and for the most part we had limited contact with most white folks except at school (& that was NO picknic)!
There were , however some white folks that were good friends of our famialy and people that I was proud to call friends, Times were very much more polarised as race went with the whole civil rights struggle at the forfront of everyday life. We ( my brother and I ) were never totally seen as black and white kids at school never knew what to make of us. 'But lets beat em up any way , just to be safe'. All our cultural upbringing was black , yet there was a level of acceptance that never, or seldom , was achived with in the greater black community.
I found that it made me far more independant in the long run, and apart from the feeling of never truly being part of something important, a true racial identification, the experiance did me little harm. I grew up to only be me rather than A ( whatever) .

I do envy the ease that byracial kids have these days by comparison. Sometimes I think it is almost a status symbol in some places. I do however bemoan the way we as a culture have glamorized the gangster Rap culture that promotes violence , drugs and disrespect of our selves and the socity. Where have we gone wrong? I would love to know. When I look at what we went through, the fear , the civil rights marches, the sit -ins, to give rights to a growing bunch of hoodlems that none of us are safe around , who would as soon kill us as the klansmen that we fought aginst when I was a child , I only see us loosing ground.

I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. King although briefly and at the time was amazed by the courage that he had to step out in front of such a force of hatred and resistance for what he believed in. I always worried for him, we all did in those early days. We worried for our selves as well. Yet we did what we could to stand up and say that we had every right that any other american had. We had a lot to be proud of. To see such a large portion of our population take the easy road to crime and to blame it on the greater socity, that they don't have breaks makes me sick. They don't know what was risked and sacrificed to make it possiable for them to have the oppertunitys that they just trade for a dead end life style.

This is not what Dr. King. Medger Evers, and so many others lost their lives fighting for. We have to do better some how.We can ...We at one time did.