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Wednesday, August 27
Ok, I can't blame the sinus infection anymore for not blogging. Now I'll just blame school. I decided last year to go back to school for my Master's degree, but I only was taking one class at a time. Foolish girl, now I'm taking two this semester while working full time.
But, gentle reader, did I tell you that it's completely online. Way cool. And this semester's classes aren't bad. I'm taking Media Ethics and Media Management. The ethics class should provide lots of stimulating discussion for THIS blog. Our first assignment was to watch a movie (I picked "Absence of Malice") and discuss the ethical decisions and implications of one of the characters.
Besides the fact that seemingly everyone made UNethical choices, the film was pretty good. Of course, I'd seen it way back when. But Sally Field and Paul Newman (what a fine man!) performed admirably. Field's always going to be a little Gidgetlike in my book, but oh well.
Taking these classes online is interesting, because despite the fact that you get to know your classmates, you don't know what they look like. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I know one man lives in Greece, but I don't know if he IS Greek. In fact, other than the woman here in town who is taking classes with me, I don't know if there is one other minority in either class at all. And since I don't know, the teachers don't know, either (unless they check our admission docs).
A little anonymity can be a good thing! :)
Oh yeah. did six miles over the weekend in my half-marathon quest. Was pretty tired, but exuberant!
Tuesday, August, 19
I've been sick with a bad sinus infection. Funny how you can be feeling so fine, so robust, and then you get hit over the head. I've been down and out since Sunday, after having a wonderful Saturday evening with a friend at dinner and a show. Then comes the morning, and you just feel like a limp noodle. And then there's the doctor's office .... waiting for the nurse to call you with the results .... strep or not? ..... Finally, Monday night at 7 p.m. I get the word. No strep. Antibiotics. Rest. Thanks a lot.
And so, that's what I have been doing. Hope the rest of you are feeling much better than I am. However, I must admit that this morning breathes the fresh air of a new dawn, and my nasal passages are not quite as clogged. My head doesn't feel like it's going to explode. (BTW, Tylenol Sinus is mighty good).
I haven't checked my google alert for interracial news in a couple of days, but I hope to get to that today. Check back tomorrow!

Wednesday, Aug. 13
I'm reading a lot of viewpoints about gay marriage these days. Many articles and essays are comparing the fight to allow gays to marry to the Loving Decision of 1967. Perhaps the most interesting thing I've read is on the Web site of the Intellectual Conservative. I particularly like this passage:
Politicians should be stripped of the power to dictate which consenting adults may marry or the terms of those marriages.
We HAVE to agree with that, those of us who marry and date interracially. No matter what view we have of homosexuality, keeping the government out of the institution of marriage -- or even of relationships -- is crucial to personal freedom.
The last thing I want is for some congressman to tell me who I can and can't marry. It's ludicrous to think anyone has that right. Applying it to gays is your own call. I'm not here to debate that. But love is love, and darn it, it's hard enough to find as it is.
BTW, Read this Washington Post review of a new crime novel with an interracial couple. In "Done for a Dime" by David Corbett, characters Toby and Nadya are Corbett's interracial Romeo and Juliet, fighting to keep their love alive in a hostile world.


Monday, August 11
Walked in the Race for the Cure against breast cancer on Sunday. Talk about a sea of humanity! There HAD to be at least  20,000 people on hand, walking throughout downtown Kansas City. All colors and gender, sizes, shapes and ages. Really cool. Funny part about it was this: I arrived too late to walk with my company team, so I just started walking by myself. I soon found some companions, however, and one was career army. This wonderful woman had recently retired after being in the armed forces for 20 years. So, of course, she was used to long walks. "Left! Left! Left, Right Left!" she sang in cadence up a particularly tough hill. Another: "Tiny Bubbles." Yep, you haven't lived until you have walked in cadence to "Tiny Bubbles" on a hot August day.
Thanks to the reader who asked that I start blogging again. It's nice to know SOMEONE is reading this! :)
Google has a great new features. News alerts. It should be part of the Google home page soon, but it's now in a beta version. What it means is that you can request that Google send you stories based on a keyword -- say, interracial -- on a daily basis. We'll see how it works.

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