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Interested in obtaining FREE back issues? (plus shipping and handling. See examples below) Payment is as follows:

1-2 issues=$.4.50 Shipping and Handling
3-4 issues=$7 S+H
5-6 issues=$10 S+H
7-10 issues=$15 S+H

Send a check or money order, and a letter noting which issues you are ordering, to: Yvette Walker Hollis c/o The Kansas City Star 1729 Grand Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64108

Also available (but not pictured) is the May/June 1993 issue with an interview of Roxie Roker, "Helen" on TV's "The Jeffersons," and the mom of rocker Lenny Kravitz.

May/June 1995
Do interracial families feel at home in church?
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)


November/December 1994
Special Holiday Issue with story on blending cultural holiday traditions
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)


May/June 1994
Are biracial children invisible?
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)


January/February 1994
Finding love: Meeting, greeting and keeping your true love!
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)


September/October 1993
Does Afrocentrism apply to the multiracial community?
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)


March/April 1995


Interview with Shirlee Taylor Haizlip, author of "The Sweeter the Juice."
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)

July/August 1994


Interracial marriage among Asians: Who's marrying whom?
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)

March/April 1994


Can there be friendship after interracial romance?
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)

November/December 1993


An interview with biracial actor Giancarlo Esposito!
$4.50 (S+H up to 2)