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Headlines in the news on interracial issues ...

Alabama legislature lets residents reconsider racist language ...

Latinos are racist, too. Just turn on the TV

Caroline County (Va.) can go ahead with plans to erect a multicultural monument on the courthouse lawn, a judge ruled yesterday.

Logon to watch "Brown," a digital multimedia movie about an Italian man, an African American woman, and their child.  The URL is

Whiteness studies is a controversial and relatively new academic field that seeks to change how white people think about race.

Races tolerate each other but don't mingle on social level

"Outside Looking In" is a documentary about three American families brought together - and at times pushed apart - by transracial adoption.

Couple's spiritual journey brings them to Charleston

Native American filmmaker deals with sexuality, identity and interracial relationships in new film

Husband and wife Jonathan Appel and DoHee Kim -- who recently survived a different take on the ``for better or worse'' part of their wedding vows -- see only blue skies in their future.