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Harvard prof. Randall Kennedy on interracial couples

Randall Kennedy visited a Unitarian church in Kansas City to promote his new book, "Interracial Intimacies." See our featured stories page for more on his visit (under construction).




Elliott and Wardle
This month, our columnists mince no words (well, when have they ever?)  in talking about race ... Eillott Lewis asks the question, "What about the children?". Francis Wardle reviews a new book.
"Have you written a book?" people ask our columnists. Yes, they have!
Francis Wardle's new textbook on children, race and education is available through publisher's Allyn and Bacon. Click here to order a copy. Wardle authors "Tomorrow's Children."
"Chicken Gumbo for the Multicultural Soul" is no longer just a column. It's also the title of a new booklet of essays, charts, and random thoughts on the multiracial experience.  Get your copy by clicking on the above link! 

W. Virginia testing babies for sickle cell as rates of biracial babies increase

The Legislature is giving the people of Alabama another chance to remove from the state constitution outdated and repugnant language left over from the state's racist past.

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Editor and publisher Yvette Walker takes an unflinching look at interracial issues, from dating, to parenting biracial children, to transracially adoptive families, to profiles of interesting people. Stay in touch with the important issues of today by checking in here. We'll keep you informed of everything you need to know.

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